Healthy Families.

Smart Justice.

Safe Communities.

Healthy Families

We need to work for Healthy Families:

The wellbeing of individuals, families and communities must be at the centre of an effective approach to law and justice issues in Western Australia. We know that disadvantage is one of the main drivers of contact with the criminal justice system, for victims and offenders. By supporting families and addressing disadvantage, we can improve community safety and wellbeing.

Smart Justice

We need to put into practice Smart Justice:

Our current approach is failing all Western Australians. It is economically and socially costly, outdated and flawed. The evidence shows that there is a smarter way. Other states and countries have achieved a dramatic decrease in crime and in the amount of people being sent to prison by adopting a new approach. Instead of choosing to spend more and more of our money on cramming people into prisons, we too can become smarter. If we redirect investment into addressing local issues that lead to crime we will get results.

Safe Communities

We need to create Safe Communities:

Social Investment is a win-win. The current 'tough on crime' approach is failing to make communities safer. By getting smarter and focusing on supporting families and communities, and supporting members of our community who are returning from prison, we will increase community safety.

It's time to get involved

In order to drastically reduce the amount of Aboriginal people we send to prison each year, we need to change our government's approach to justice. We need to campaign for the WA community's support, and advocate to our elected officials, to install a Social Reinvestment solution forthe whole of the WA community.

Thus we ask that you consider donating to our cause.

The funds you give will allow us to find crucial resources to launch this campaign publicly prior to the 2017 WA state election.

If you believe in a better future for families and communities, contribute to our crowdfunding campaign:

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